Andres Cruz is a 2D artist located in Bogotá, Colombia. He began his career around 2002 and is located in Bogotá, Colombia. His first significant commercial work was with ad agencies for clients such as Mattel, Nestle , Coca -Cola and TNT among others. In 2003 he received the national award “Sin Formato” for his comic book WiredOz. He’s a professional graphic artist who has found in the Illustration an exciting way of life, full of self-learning and artistic exploration.

In his spare time he collaborates with SHARPBALL with whom he has developed artwork for music videos, and various promotional pieces for music bands. In 2013 also co-created and illustrated the graphic novel Los Once (The Eleven), a widely recognized book for its original content inspired by the historical memory of Colombia.

Currently he produces 2D art for various entertainment projects such as mobile games, video clips, comics and animations. If you want to ignite some epic visual adventure, just give him a shout. He’s an exceptional team player who always strives for quality.

Contact me at:
Mobile: +57 3153692747